Temesgen Dilebo

Temesgen Dilebo


Qualification: MSC in Electrical Engineering and MBA (Masters in Business Administration). High level trainings in Sweden, South Africa and Kenya on Management, Leadership, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing and Leadership skills

Work Experience: 27 years on management positions in EEPCO, ABB, EES, SIGMA Electric and KBS, out of this 11 years as General Manager of the last two business companies. Board member of four organizations including Addis Ababa Chamber.

Achievements: As the General Manager of SIGMA Electric he led the Company from a 20 METB annual turnover to 72 METB; increased the asset of the Company from 21 METB to 106 METB; was instrumental for the creation of 4 sister companies; SIGMA Electric, SIGMA Electric Eastern Africa, Kenya, SIGMA Manufacturing and SEPAS.

Competency: Strategic outlook and analytical mind. His major responsibility will be conducting of business x-rays, provision of consultancy and training services in business management topics, corporate governance topics and strategic business management topics.